Type : Model – FCB


  • a) Flameproof Vacuum Circuit Breaker rated up to 6600V
    The Flameproof Vacuum Circuit Breaker is suitable for rating up to 6600V, up to 630A, 75 MVA, 3 Ph. 50 c/s system. The skid mounted Breaker Panel houses 6600V, 75 MVA, 630 A manually operated spring charged Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type VBB along with other protective features as per requirement. The Circuit Breaker Panel is fitted with Incoming, through going and outgoing Terminal chamber with cable sealing ends.


  • b) Flameproof Direct On Line Starter rated up to 6600V
    The Flameproof DOL Starter is suitable for up to 6600 V system for controlling motor suitable up to 400A. The starter panel is skid mounted and fitted with 400A, 6600V Vacuum Contactor with all protective features as per requirement. The starter panel is fitted with incoming, through going and outgoing terminal chamber with cable sealing end.


  • c) Flameproof Gate End Box up to 1100V
    The Gate End Box is rated for 300A, 1100V system for controlling motor for operation of shovel. The Gate End Box is rated for 300A, 1100V. and complete with Vacuum Contactor with all protective features as per requirement. The skid mounted panel is fitted with Incoming and through going terminal chamber with cable sealing end and outgoing can be achieved through 1100V 400A Plug & Socket.


  • d) Flameproof Twin DOL Starter rated up to 6600V
  • e) Flameproof Multi Outgoing Panel rated up to 6600V
  • f) Flameproof Transformer Feeder Panel rated up to 1100V

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