Type – FACB


  1. a) Flameproof Air Circuit Breaker :
    Flameproof Air Circuit Breaker is rated for up to 300A (Type – FACB-03) and up to 400A (Type – FACB-04), 7.5 MVA, 550V, 3 Ph. 50 c/s system. The Circuit Breaker Panel is complete with suitably rated Isolator, Copper bus bars, basic Air Circuit Breaker rated for 300A/400A fitted with arc extinguishing chamber and all other protection as per requirement. The  complete ACB Panel is skid mounted and fitted with Incoming, Outgoing and through going terminal box with insulated terminals.
  2. b) Flameproof Direct On Line/Reversing DOL/Twin DOL Starter:
    Flameproof DOL/Rev. DOL/Twin DOL starter Type – FDOL is rated from 50 HP to 200 HP 550V, 3 Ph.50 c/s systems for controlling motor with Remote control facility. The skid mounted Starter panel houses suitably rated Isolator, Bus bars and other protective features, 1 or 2 Air Break Contactor as required with Incoming, Through going and Outgoing terminal chamber with insulated terminals and sealing end.
  3. c) Flameproof Star Delta Starter:
    Flameproof Star Delta Starter (Type FSD / FSD1) is rated for 550V 3 Ph. 50 c/s system for controlling up to 25 HP motor. The skid mounted Starter panel houses suitably rated Isolator, Bus bars and other protective features, 3 nos. Air Break Contactors of rating as required with Incoming, Through going and Outgoing terminal chamber with insulated terminals and sealing end.
  4. d) Flameproof Gate End Box :
    Flameproof Gate End Box TYPE – GEB is rated up to 300A, 550V, 3 Ph. 50 c/s system for controlling coal cutting machines. The Gate End Box is fitted with suitably rated Isolator, Copper bus bars, Air break contactor of suitable rating and other protective features as per requirement. The skid mounted Gate End Box Panel is fitted with Incoming Terminal chamber with cable sealing end and Outgoing Plug & Socket assembly.

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