1. a) Flameproof Drill Control Panel : Drill Control Panel is suitable for 550V, 3 Ph. 50 c/s system for operating coal drill. The Panel hoses control transformer up to 2.5 KVA, complete with all protections as per requirement. The Drill Panel is fitted with incoming terminal and sealing ends  and outgoing 30A Plug & Socket.


  1. b) Flameproof Lighting Transformer : Flameproof Lighting Transformer is suitable for 550V, 3 Ph. 50 c/s systems for operating underground lighting. The enclosure houses Lighting Transformer up to 5 KVA complete with all the protections and cable sealing end.


  1. c) Flameproof Direct On Line Starter : TYPE FDOL-II: The Starter is suitable for motor up to 50 HP, 550V, 3 Ph. 50 c/s system. The starter is complete with suitably rated Isolator, Bus bars, all the protective features as per requirement, cable sealing ends with glands.

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